A Created Universe?

Following the Evidence Where It Leads

Presented by:

Dr. Thomas Woodward
Dr. John Lingelbach

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The Signature in the Cosmos

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The Signature in the Cell

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The Signature in the Fossils

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C.S. Lewis and the God Hypothesis

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Introducing Professor Dr. Thomas Woodward

Founder & Senior Lecturer of the C. S. Lewis Society and Professor at Trinity College (Tampa Bay)

Dr Thomas Woodward is the author of several books on scientific evidence for creation, including Doubts about Darwin (a 2004 Book of the Year - Christianity Today magazine) Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design, and Darwinism Under the Microscope. In 2012, Dr Woodward teamed up with Dr. James Gills to explore the world of "codes above the DNA code" in The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA.

Tom has lectured at university campuses on evidence for the Christian faith in 37 countries, and hosts a weekly radio/podcast program, The Universe Next Door (to access, click on "Listen Now" at apologetics.org/UNDPodcast).

He helped launch the "DNA and Beyond" educational effort to explain the wonders of the DNA's double helix, which records the Creator's "signature of intelligence." A number of teaching models were developed, including a 96.52cm 21-rung DNA model that can be seen at dnaandbeyond.org. On that website several short videos display the high-tech molecular design found in world of genetics.

Introducing Professor Dr. John Lingelbach

Professor at Trinity College (Tampa Bay)

Dr John Lingelbach is known for brilliant lectures and an impressive beard, completed a career in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Officer, and was adjunct then completed the Ph.D. in Theology and Apologetics at Liberty University in 2019, and serves as Professor of Bible and Apologetics at Trinity College of Florida.

He recently tackled the growing mystery surrounding a key ancient New Testament manuscript, leading to his book, The Date of the Muratorian Fragment: An Inference to the Best Explanation.

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